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How many watched ' Under the Tuscan Sun' and had an immediate love affair with Italy? I know I did. Hi. Im Liz, an International Makeup Artist and lover of everything Italian. I first landed in Italy in 1987 in my 20's. Since then, I have always felt like it was home. Maybe that's because my father was Italian and Italian blood runs through my veins. The sense of calm that Tuscany brings along with culture and food is different from anywhere else in the world. I wanted to share this with other women. So began the dream of Tuscan Break, an all-inclusive week for women in Tuscany. It took 10 years of scouring Tuscany for the right home followed by a bigger than anticipated renovation but I can finally say, it's been worth it. In 2024, the doors will open to our beautiful 18th century farmhouse and I can't wait to invite a handful of ladies to join me for an incredible week of local hospitality and experiences.

Liz Bomben, International Makeup Artist and gracious host at Tuscan Break
Tuscan Break Special Guest Jane Boardman


What makes this week at Tuscan Break truly exceptional is the presence of our special guests. In September 2024 Jane will join us.
Jane is one of Australia's most respected Life Coaches and the co-author of 'In the Moment Coaching for Leaders’.

Throughout life, we all need guidance and what a treat it is to have 
Jane join us for the week. Jane will be available to offer valuable insights and guidance on life, career, leadership and other topics adding an enriching layer to your Tuscan Break experience.



Meet Emma Bickley who will be our special guest from time to time. Emma is a food photographer & writer who loves telling stories behind each bite. With a voracious appetite for new food experiences, you’ll find her mooning over how beautiful the produce is at the markets, developing recipes in the kitchen, sipping gin or slurping pasta and trying to chat at the same time. From time to time, Emma will join a tour adding valuable insights into food styling, capturing that great photo and show her prowess in the kitchen. All of this adds an enriching layer to your Tuscan Break experience.

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